Inhumation of the Soul

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Pre Session Activities – IGD: 09/01/07

Evan (Doc) stayed up all night and into the morning of September 1st clicking the link to the organization’s (henceforth knows as “The Org”) website every few minutes to refresh the assignment list. Doc logged the time at 08:33 on 07-09-01 (yy-mm-dd) when the site first displayed a new assignment menu.

Session 1: 09/19/07 – IGD: 09/15/07

The Org wanted the PCs to investigate the entire minutia surrounding the haunting of a home in Zaragoza, Spain. The particulars of the haunting with accurate and highly detailed information of the “spirits” or “entities” are of high value to The Org. What particularly interests The Org is the different aspect of this haunting that deviates from those haunting that are normally present within this home.

The Inhumation of the Soul required the PCs to travel to Zaragoza, Spain and investigate some paranormal activity that interests “The Org”. The paranormal activity will be located within a track home in the historic district. The Org has always had interest in this home, but has never had good access until now. The home is empty, and has been on the open market for months without any bidders.

The reason that the home remains without a bid is due to a recent (December 11, 2006) violent death in the home. The death was an apparent double murder, and it is said that the home is now haunted with the spirits of the deceased. The violent death story repeats itself every 42 years and stories can be dug up for hundreds of years if someone was to research local and internet news and historical records. Eventually some family will dismiss the superstitious and do in fact move back into the home.

This “haunting” is different than any other reported haunting in this house since there have been numerous reports of spirits in the home currently. This is different than before because in the past there was only a murder or set of murders, and no more haunting after the murder.

News reporters have taken the supposed haunting to a heightened level, and continue to harass the Real Estate companies to tour the house, and usually under false pretenses of wanting to purchase the home. The Real Estate companies have had enough of the press and are very skeptical of all who wish to tour the home.


Board Notes from Session 1:

Casey spent the entire story recording a new album for his solo career.
Bobby spent some gear picks on a set of detailed fake identities and created backgrounds for Bobby and Kristen’s character.

The team arrived in Zaragoza, Spain on September 19th, 2007 and decided to talk to the realtor (Lucina Portor, Century 21) who is selling the home to gather as much information about the home as possible. Research on the history of the home from hack master J resulted in a multitude of information.

Research from Session 1:

Through careful negotiations with the realtor Bobby and Kristen were allowed to spend the night in the house. Smuggling in the rest of the group, they began to search the entire home for clues to the haunting.

In the main library room, Jason found a secret storage compartment built into the back of a bookcase. A large scroll case was found in the hidden storage area that contained a 42 page bound “scroll” entitled Entombment of the Decussated Capricious Puissance. The scroll was deciphered by Jason later in Chronicle 01, Story 02, in Session 2. The PCs continued to search the rest of the upper floors.


Documentation: Entombment of the Decussated Capricious Puissance

After Bobby and Jason began to look at the scroll case and contents, everyone else went down to the basement. After careful investigation (and after 9:00 pm) strange things began to happen in the basement.


Shadowy creatures began to appear in the basement and move towards the PCs. Several of the PCs were attacked by the shadowy creatures. Another “spirit” appeared with a gust of wind, cast a spell out of a book, gathered up an essence (apparently Vern’s soul), and disappeared with another gust of wind. During the encounter shots were fired.

Session 2: 10/17/07 – IGD: 09/15/07 – 09/16/07

The PCs went back to work on the scroll and also searched the basement for how the shadow creatures and the creature controlling the air entered and exited the basement. Eventually searching the basement they found a mechanized stairway that opened up to a hidden anterior room below the basement proper.

Police showed up to question the shots fired reports and questioned both Bobby and Kristen. The cover story that they came up with held merit with the police, no evidence was found and the investigation continue elsewhere.


Down in the anterior room the PCs found a secret compartment that was trapped and revealed a tome. After research the tome was deciphered as the Incantations of Thandurthi.

They also discovered that the center of the room had “magical” runes inscribed in a ten foot diameter circle. Kristen proceeded to have an out of body experience that took her floating up through the building higher and higher into the air. Eventually she rose up above the atmosphere to look down upon the earth. The earth was covered in red, green, yellow, and blue glowing lines that circled the globe in all directions. The lines intersected periodically across the surface of the earth.

After the out of body experience the PCs decided to go out the next morning and purchase a globe, yarn, and pin sticks. They used the scroll of Entombment of the Decussated Capricious Puissance and the purchased materials to map out the lines on the globe and they matched the vision that Kristen had while in her out of body experience.


Documentation: Incantations of Thandurthi, Book 1

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