Consume Likeness


Components: V, S
Cost: 10 Int damage and 1d20 Sanity points
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Permanent
Attack Versus:


You can take on the appearance and form—including clothing and equipment—of another creature that is freshly dead (< 6 hours). You must see the corpse. You may appear to be taller, shorter, thinner, fatter, or in between. The assumed form must be corporeal. Some Mythos creatures cast this incantation while actually consuming their victims, but this is not necessary.

After the likeness has been assumed (which takes 1d3 days), you can assume the new likeness at will. By changing to this new form, your body can undergo a limited physical transmutation, including adding or subtracting one or two limbs, and
your weight can be changed up to one-half. If the form selected has wings, you can fly at a speed of 30 feet with poor maneuverability. If the form has gills, you can breathe underwater. You eannot assume the likeness of something that is of a different size category than you.

Your attack rolls, natural armor bonus, and defenses do not change. The incantation does not confer special abilities, attack forms, defenses, ability scores, or mannerisms of the chosen form. If you take damage or are slain, you automatically return to your normal
form, which is a move action.

If you use this incantation to create a disguise, you get a +10 bonus on your Disguise check.

This incantation cannot be cast by multiple casters.

Material Components

Freshly dead corpse less than 6 hours old.

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