Black Binding


Components: V, S, M
Cost: 3 Int damage and 1d6 Sanity points
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Targets: One corpse touched
Duration: Instantaneous
Attack Versus: None


This incantation turns the body of a dead animal or humanoid into an undead animated corpse that follows your spoken commands. The zombie must be created from a mostly intact corpse. The zombie can follow you, or can remain in an area and attack any creature (or just a specific type of creature) entering the area. The undead remains animated until it is destroyed.

The undead creatures you create remain under your control indefinitely. No matter how many times you use this incantation, however, you can control only 2 HD worth of undead creatures per your character level. If you exceed this number, the newly created creatures fall under your control, and any excess undead from previous castings become uncontrolled. (You choose which creatures are released.)

Material Components

You must place a black gem into the corpse's mouth or eye socket. The magic of the incantation turns this gem into a worthless, burned-out shell.

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