Banishment of Yde Etad


Components: V, S, M
Cost: 8 Int damage and 1d4 Sanity points
Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: 1 mile (no line of sight needed)
Targets: One outsider humanoid, or an outsider entity possessing a humanoid
Duration: Instantaneous
Attack Versus: Will negates (1d20 + ???)


This incantation enables you to force a humanoid with the outsider subtype away from Earth. To target a creature, you must burn a sigil representing the target. The incantation must be performed in the open air in the middle of the night within range of the target (the target must have spent time in the exact area at some point).

Material Components

A burnable sigil and a circle drawn around all casters involved. The most common substances for this circle are silicon dioxide, lime, or magnesium silicate, combined with dried and ground henbane or garlic.

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